• To aim for and approach excellence
  • To work productively in order to add value
  • To act according to the "continuous improvement" principle
  • All our management team & employees, to be responsible for quality
  • To improve our skills & understanding of quality concepts by training
  • Our quality objectives minimize job accidents, help us deliver on time, decrease customer complaints and improve in all aspects.
  • Our resources are updated with the most recent technology and our employees are supported with all the opportunities necessary for their personal and professional development

Services Provided By Us:

  • Cold Chamber Die Casting Machines (140T - 5000T)
  • Hot Chamber Die Casting Machines (7.5T - 400T))
  • Annual Machine Maintenance)
  • New Die Casting Plant Setup)
  • Strain Gaging)
  • Mould Temperature Control)
  • Injection Curve Parameter)
  • Automobile Dies & All other Zinc, Aluminium Varieties of Dies)
  • Reconditioning of Old Machines)
  • Reconditioned, Second Hand & Old Machine Sales